Today my algorithm is being studied ... hihii (Anne-Eden)

Actually, I would have to learn, instead of thinking about what you could do on this table in twos, hihii. I hear the door ring and ask my classmates in. We have an appointment today to learn. At first it works quite well ... but after the first few minutes, my eyes quickly deviate from the actual tasks. I look to him and see his eyes. I realize he would much rather do something completely different now. But we try to fight against it and just keep learning. Hour after hour and I hardly know where my head is. I only see ones and zeros, all full of codings that do not produce any results and faulty algorithms. But the only algorithm that should be studied now is mine, hihii. Then I see him getting up at once ... My heart is beating ... just come to me, touch me and we forget the rationality ...

Starring: Anne-Eden
Categories: Booty, POV, Teens
Length: 6:34
Type: FLV


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