The sperm shower and the first time anal with a user! (Jenny_Stella)

That was the user - surprise 2019, with the MDH user "Boki"! When "Boki" came in with his 1.92 m sweet and shy like a big cuddly bear, I thought how sweet and what do I do with the sweet cuddly bear? I thought, I start slowly with bubbles. Wow so a stand Boki had immediately, that was great. Oh, he can lick too - mega. Then the doggy test! Since I was surprised, because he touched me really nice hard. How cool was that - mega! The riding was just as cool. Now I thought, I'll do it, since the first time anal with a user! He wanted but only time 69 - very cool! Then came my and also his premiere "ANAL! It was so awesome ANAL and he has really hard hit hard. Then I wanted the sperm beautiful in my face and I thought me horny a few nice splashes! WOW what was that? Hammer so much, everything came out of my face and into the eye !!! That was a sperm shower - everything was full! Hammer! Then I had to sit down for the first time and I was baffled!

Starring: Jenny_Stella
Categories: Anal, Facials, Teens
Length: 15:10
Type: FLV


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