Brash - or just awesome ??? !!! (KissiKissi)

Horny and tingling cunt I was sitting in my hotel room and thought about how I could get to a hot fuck quickly! Men there in a hotel more than enough, so I just called the front desk and complaining that my Kaffeepadmaschine would not work! A short time later, a young man was there and when I pushed up my dress and showed him just my naked pussy, he really knew immediately what was going on ... hehe ... He fingered my wet pussy and when I had blown his cock hard he fucked me really horny to orgasm! Clear that I his sperm wanted, but as a mega load I had not expected! I choked nearly to his cum ....

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Big Tits, Close-ups, High Heels
Length: 6:49
Type: FLV


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