Bicycle broken - emergency situation exploited (Mara-Martinez)

Oh no! My beloved bike broke down. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about bicycles, although I really enjoy riding my bike into nature. I love feeling the wind between my thighs and the shock I feel every time I drive over a bump. I love the vibration on my saddle when I drive over uneven terrain and perceive every single stone as a quake on my pelvis. I really get wet every time. But unfortunately it is broken, so I call a friend, if he could possibly help me with the repair. He knows a little better and to be honest, he likes me really well. I noticed his flirting attempts the last time we were together with the bike. I really had to control myself, not to let it show me how horny I had made the vibrations. So I had a really good pretext to lure him to me. In the garage I show him the bicycle breakdown. Thank god he could help me ...

Starring: Mara-Martinez
Categories: Big Tits, Booty, Facials
Length: 7:04
Type: FLV


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