Sex Slave - Tied up and whipped! (Noradevot)

The video was ever online under the name: "Sex slave - bound and spanked!" Do you want to tie me up? Tie up at the arms? So that I kneel defenseless before you and you can do with me what you want? Put me nipple braces and a gag ball and whip me? Everywhere on my body? Oh yeah, that does not only appeal to you. It makes me indescribably horny so used to be used. With each blow I get moister, please do it to me! But you hold me, does not let me come .. I love this kind of foreplay, it makes me so horny that I can barely stand it. If it is finally so far and I can feel your hard cock, I will explode with lust! Please think to rate and comment on: - *

Starring: Noradevot
Categories: Bondage, Spanking, Submissive
Length: 7:12
Type: FLV


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