The multiple orgasm of my life! It was just awesome !!! (DaddysLuder)

While sperm is still running out of my cunt, I continue to scrub my slit as previously announced (last video). You will recognize right at the beginning that my cunt is not only so wet from the cum alone. Unfortunately I could not see the bag cream as it was sprayed from his cock into me in my last clip, but already there my hole lost a lot of seeds and here by the pressure of my lust it was still running out of me. It was all so slippery and gave me one or rather the best multiple orgasm I have ever had !!! The tears in my eyes were filled with happiness. The happiness hormones from the man in me, the right technique and above all this extremely great desire to orgasm gave me the longest exit (without interruption) of my life!

Starring: DaddysLuder
Categories: Hairy, Pussy, Rough sex
Length: 5:47
Type: FLV


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