DEVOTIVE YOUNG TAIL! YOU FUCK me according to my instructions! (sandy226)

My submissive fuck boy was already waiting for me in his little room and probably did not expect another visit from me aka his sex master. But my chronic sex lust had come over me again and I wanted to be fucked again by the young man and taste his gorgeous cock! He bravely put his book aside when he saw me and offered to be of service immediately. Well that's fine, just as I had imagined and the tail stood hard as ordered and just like a 1 carved in stone! NOW he should first lick my pussy juice, put me really nice with my wet cunt on his face and in between treat me to a small snack on his hot cock ;-) Now he should FUCK me nicely because I like it best when I ride the horny bounces nicely so that they really boil the cream in the eggs and so I only had one last task for my fucker: LOS WICHS ME INS MAUL !!!!

Starring: sandy226
Categories: MILF/Mature, Submissive, Teens
Length: 5:09
Type: FLV


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