103 SECONDS happened until he had SPLASH (DaddysLuder)


He persuaded me to fuck, because more than five minutes after my friend told me that he wants to fuck, already his tail stuck in my hairy cunt. Therefore, no time had been more to make me fresh or paint. Just ask my new sexy Fummel I could tighten quickly for him. but Unplanned sex is really cool because I was suddenly totally hot on the cock and wanted even happen in a position that I really do not like otherwise. The entire length I could go straight and me at once and at any time where I was to stick purely squeezed even harder. Unfortunately, he was also characterized by its juice after just 103 seconds and therefore splashed getting wetter too early for me. Nevertheless, I have now then still fucked really happy again 2 hours, and feel like the sperm is running down at the end of my wet crack determines all day even in my head.

Starring: DaddysLuder
Categories: Close-ups, Hairy, Vanilla Sex
Length: 3:36
Type: FLV


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