I had to serve Dirty-Tina and her slave as a toilet! Part 1 (RosellaExtrem)


Here I had to serve Dirty-Tina and their slaves as living toilet. Given me to Tina, along with their Skalven on a toilet. There I had to put my head on the toilet seat and open my mouth wide. Then both me pissed succession in my Sklavinen-mouth and I had to swallow her whole piss. In Part 1, I was urinating Tina a large cargo women piss in my mouth! And in Part 2 pissing me the slave of a large cargo men piss in my Sklavinen Toilet mouth !!

Starring: RosellaExtrem
Categories: Extreme Hardcore, Female Domination, Golden Showers
Length: 3:05
Type: FLV


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