Breasts out, today there noodles! (Lina-Diamond)

It all started with a small talk with my neighbors. He said that he was hungry and so I invited him to a quick dinner to me. But somehow tasted my pasta not so, it just lacked the sauce. I fell down a noodle and so I climbed under the table in order to raise. But what I see ????? A bulge in his pants my neighbors ???? THIS is my perfect pasta !!!! I grabbed them on the spot and began really to work horny. With my tongue I played on his best piece, I was just too keen on his hot white cream! My tongue arts he could no longer resist so I grabbed the pasta still between my big tits and rubbed it really passionate. He exploded and inject the full load on my boobs! With relish, I licked the sauce from the pasta. Oh God, there was delicious !!!

Starring: Lina-Diamond
Categories: Big Tits, Blowjobs, Deep Throat
Length: 3:24
Type: FLV


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