Welcome to my personal unusual training. ^^
First of all I want to say that it has nothing to do with sport ...
I want to get this one huge glass plug in, but for that I have to train my butt. ;)
For too long, I have not really asked for the ass,
but that is changing now! : D
"Armed" with a plug, a pump plug, an XXL dildo and a massage stick, I get to work and stretch my little ass nicely ...
Step by step, from the normal plug to the pump plug, from there to the XXL dildo to the head of the massage stick.
When the fat thing was finally in, I was relieved and a little horny ... - so I switched on the massage stick! ... ^^

It's morning, you come out of the shower and just have a towel around.
You hear funny moaning from the bedroom, come in and catch me
with the hand in panties. I can see that makes you a bit horny.
Since I draw you just closer to me, kiss you, drop your towel and take care of your hot cock.
I start to jerk him a bit, to lick, to blow, to play with the balls and to take him deeper and deeper into his mouth, until he is pretty hard and plump.
In doggy style you lick my asshole wet briefly, put your horny plump pure and fuck me without mercy - deeper and harder.
Your big balls clap while fucking against my horny wet pussy. She is getting wetter and clapping ever louder.
You fuck me harder and harder, until you come and sprayed me your horny cream in the ass ...

Last year, on my birthday, the door suddenly rang.
There is the new sweet tenant from below, in front of me, with a gift in
his hand and congratulates me on my birthday. I let him in confused.
I unpacked the gift and was amazed. A panty and a tunnel plug was in it. I

was a bit confused until he explained to me, he knew who I am, he found

my wish list on the internet and wanted to hand it over to me personally.
I thought that was so cute of him, that I quickly put the plug in and
showed him off. Well then one thing led to another ... ^^


I wish you were here with me ...
We would start to pet and kiss. First gently, but soon it gets wilder. The
kisses are more hasty, the stroking becomes more intense and hornier. You
take one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger and play with it.
That makes me so horny. You notice me lifting my pelvis up and down like a
horny cat. Your hand slides between my legs. You start to massage a
little on the panties, but quickly your hand moves into the panties. Directly
on my clean-shaven, horny and already wet cunt. Your fingers glide along
the wet column. You put her in my hot hole and finger me. I'll go greedy to
the pants and get out your horny hard Fickprügel. How cool he is already
hard. I'm starting to jerk him off, massaging your balls and blowing him.
Deeper and deeper I take your hot cock in my little Fickmaul.
You would pull down my panties and ....;)

Recently, my sweet tutor was the first time at my home. Otherwise we

always meet in the library to learn.
Probably so that he could better justify it in front of his girlfriend.
But, I could persuade him with a little lie to come to me. That gave me the

opportunity to put on my new sexy hotpants. Maybe I'll get it around, I

... and I was right. : D haha: D
That was so cool that he injected me a huge load in the ass. ^^

As luck would have it, the sweet new neighbor had locked himself out. I heard his cursing down the hall, opened the door and offered my help. We called the locksmith and then had to wait for him .. this was my chance. Under the pretext to get drinks, I quickly put on sexy clothes to get him around.
I was not sure because, as I had seen, he also had a girlfriend and he did not seem particularly interested in me ...
but fortunately it worked. ; D

After he filled me in completely ... it was Larissa's turn.
She went very well and willing in front of him in the doggy position ...
With her face right in front of my pussy ... It was so exciting to see that

horniness in her face as he fucks her hard in doggy style.
In the end, he diplomatically shared his cream on our faces.

After the horny outdoor action, Larissa and I took the sweet savior in
the emergency with us to our home.
As soon as we came in the door, we immediately dragged him into the cam.
We did not want to talk about it for long, so we brought the drinks
naked ... so it went quickly to the point.
Oh man a horny cock for 2 girls ... and I was allowed as FIRST: D YEAH: D
A horny big cock that fills my little pussy completely ... it
was just awesome ... looks itself.;)


I was with my girlfriend Larissa at a cool underground party somewhere in Cologne. The problem was that our ride was already gone. So we were stranded, somewhere in Cologne, where neither of us knows ... Fortunately, this sweet guy stopped and agreed to drive us to the next train station. We found him both pretty horny and quickly the discussions were really hot during the drive ... so we made a small awesome stop. After that, Larissa and I agreed that we would just take the guy home.