Unfortunately, I had to give up sex for a little longer, because I was busy with university preparation. But now it was time again and I have to say, that was really necessary! At the same time I can be a bit more decisive and just want to ride a cock. Who would have thought that he comes so fast? It was so much that it did not stop running out of my little pussy. Actually, that's a compliment for me, but then he had to run again! :-P

For me it can sometimes be harder and not just gentle, careful and romantic. That's nothing new for you! :-P I love the hard and spontaneous sex! Why? Because I'm absolutely excited about it and it makes me crazy when my pants are pulled down, he tackles my butt and puts his cock in me. He's in control all the time and I can just enjoy. I'm going crazy when I see how his excitement then unloads in a creampie. I really needed that again!

So one thing I can tell you, my toy box is full of great toys. There is nothing in it that does not excite me in a certain way. But until recently I did not have a toy in my collection - a suction cup dildo! I have to say that it even exceeded my expectations! How easy it can be to attach to the ground, then take it in different positions. I did not think that I would come to orgasm so fast. Maybe I was so excited by the thought, as you will see me, as I get myself in front of the mirror itself. I enjoy it all the more to touch and stroke myself passionately. The moan while I ride the dildo then extensively betrays exactly how much I had fun!

If my body is only covered by a silk banded coat and I am getting ready in the bathroom, you can already guess what will happen next :-P I just combed my hair and tightened my lipstick, as I already realize that he standing in the door and watching me. Actually, he should know that I would come to him immediately afterwards. He apparently could not wait and so the bathrobe was also gone very quickly and I had a dick stuck in me. Then I let myself be taken good. After all, that's exactly what I wanted to do! I love it when man is crazy about me and can not help but fall for me. A creampie in the end is of course the best recognition :-P

If you have such a large mirror in the room, you should take advantage of it! :-P It has a special charm, if you can observe yourself in the mirror and thus get a completely different view. To see everything of me, I was completely naked in front of it and let him play around with me from behind. That was a whole new perspective for me! I enjoyed it very much and found it very stimulating when he then placed me on the chair next to me to take doggy again. My breasts vibrate beautifully with each thrust with :-P What can I say, as his breath faster and his thrusts were harder, I've already felt his sperm in me. That was really a lot! I love the feeling when the sperm comes out of me in the end.

The first time he has put his cock completely in my mouth and then I was even with his back on the bed. Do you think that I got it completely clean? I know the answer :-P Apparently, but it was not enough and wanted to suddenly more, which then ended in a creampie. Alone from the bubbles I already get hard nipples and get pretty wet! If then the bed wobbles and crackles, it can hardly be better, right? :-P

Sometimes it just has to be fast! I lay down for a little nap and somehow woke up extremely excited. I felt the need to be taken hard and fast from behind just to satisfy that feeling. That's why I stretched out my pussy and just waited until he finally arrives! My groan reveals that I then enjoyed it more than he finally stuck in me and more and more from behind. He has his cock again and again pressed completely pure until he could not hold back his sperm and injected deep into me! Then I was able to get out of bed and was ready for the rest of the day :-P

I first dared to treat a cock with my feet. I was really excited because I did not know how to do it the best. In order to relieve myself for the first time, I have something in it. Red fingernails and toenails and lingerie with lace I found fitting and was ready for his cock. In the middle I used some massage oil to make everything nice and moist. His cock was standing all the time, which I could rub my little feet extensively on him :-P His orgasm was very intense! How his sperm sprayed and smeared my feet was awesome! I then distributed it nicely and continued to rub my feet on his cock until he was slow. How did my feet do for their first time?

When I'm not in the university and have a little time, I like to play my console. Of course, I knew that I was not alone and therefore dressed a little easier. I like being always ready and having fun for everyone :-P I noticed pretty quickly how he got more and more restless on the sofa and the next moment I already felt his hand on my butt. I would say that the outfit has served its purpose. :-P Even if I really wanted to concentrate on the game, I'll let him do it and wait and see what happens. But I was quite surprised when he suddenly put his cock in my mouth. He kept pushing him in until he was completely stiff and then knelt behind me. Somehow exciting, if you actually do something completely different. You feel a bit used in such a situation, but it turned me on! He pushed harder and harder, so it was harder for me to focus on the gambling. When he sprayed me then on my butt and I felt his warm sperm, I was equally much more motivated and just kept playing!