Yes, I'm back from vacation. * Too bad * Was really nice in Mallorca, on the Playa de Palma. Should I go to the nudist beach the next time? So that my breasts are so brown too? Arriving in Dusseldorf, I had to provide my skin with oil directly in the evening. Moisture is always good! I have then nicely rub the pussy and pussy with oil. Horny feeling, since I had never done that before. When the oil so dripping down on the pussy ... .. Blubb Blubb Geil! Hey, that was pretty slippery. I knew that he could not control himself and had to dip his hard piston into the oil. Typical man. Wow, Mega Feeling as he sprayed me then everything in the pussy purely. Blubb Blubb So my vacation may always end.? When do you smear me?

Lunch break!!! Did not take long, as the first colleague invited me to lunch in the lunch break. He was really nice and talkative. Told me about his wife and dog. Seems to lead a normal family life. And now he's dredging me up After dinner, off in his car and another small walk in the Aaper forest in Dusseldorf, right on the trim path. When I saw the men with the pushups and sit ups, my head cinema started. "What does his cock look like when he sinks into my pussy?" "Whether one of the athletes is secretly watching me? It even films with his cell phone "" I can not walk around here with sperm in the face? "What do the other colleagues and visitors think in the forest?" Geil, I have never fucked in the forest. A whole new experience. I was totally nervous, but also animal horny. My nervousness is, I believe, right to look at :-) On the map in the picture you can see where it happened! Does he take part? voice

In the summer I worked as AuPair with a Cologne family. Totally nice people. Always helpful and very easygoing. I was allowed to go out 2 times a week. After a party, I quietly close the front door and there is my AuPair ** in front of the door with flashlight. Pull me right into the living room. With the flashlight in his hand, he licks my pussy first before he starts to fuck me with the camera and flashlight. Is he crazy? His wife is in the next room. He knows what's going on when he wakes up. Then I'm allowed to sleep naked outside the front door and he is right next to me. But the kick was cool. In the meantime, he really kicked off and injected his sauce into me without warning! Are you crazy? I do not take a pill !!! If that works out!

I could be annoying animal! Do you know that? Coming from shopping, all hands full of bags, the door open-minded - shopping in - and leave the key from the outside. Usually there are nice neighbors. They ring the bell and return your key to you. Not so the neighbor from the 3rd floor. He comes three times in my apartment when I was in the shower. Would like to know how long he watched me jerking?!? Completely uninhibited, he confronts me with my dirty hobby. Had many films of mine. Well, I think that's pretty cool! ;-) Did he jerk 2 floors above me when I dreamed. Has he been watching me for a while? I then inaugurated my secrets in the shower. Anal plug! Did he know that from his girlfriend? Anyone who knows my films, knows that I have just moved to the new location. I hope I can stay this time.

Kasalla, what was I just horny that day? Already on the way to the office I had the desire for a cock. Krass. In the morning my boss had to serve. For 2 weeks we do it every now and then. He adorns himself a bit, because he is married. Oh dear ... how terrible?!? When I blow his cock, but he has apparently no guilty conscience! Somehow, that's not enough for me. So I'm home and I first worried about a porn myself. Grrrr ... that's fun. But now a tail? Divine. I grabbed the phone and called a friend, where I knew he always wants to fuck. He is also married, but always gets along well with his wife from the affair. Literally. What cool this evening. I think his old woman did not let him in anymore. What has he pumped my pussy. Madness. Really much juice! I hope that's fine, because I'm not taking a pill right now. Please do not let me be pregnant.

! Susi?! Please forgive me! After you threw me out of the flat I have a very bad conscience. Now live temporarily with my stepfather. For 2 years you tell me that your friend has a really hot cock. He fucks you really horny. How often did we have a hot evening with the girls and tell us what the men are doing in bed with us. Yes, Susi, you have always made all of your guys tasty. Passionate - licks well - is unconditionally loyal .... etc. Sorry, but you were showering when it rang and your friend stood in front of me. Wow. Hammer. What a "treat" with the knowledge of you: horny cock in his pants! Somehow I can understand you, that you are totally mad at me, after the thing in the kitchen during your shower is flown. Susi, we have been friends for 8 years now. Please contact me and call me. I swear to you that I fucked your friend only once this time in the kitchen of our WG! Honestly!!! Forgive me and call me! You have my number! Melly

The request from Duisburg Andy sounded tempting. Duisburg? That is with the tram of Dusseldorf to reach! Andy promised me to be pampered by all the rules of art. He would lick me extensively, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. Time my pussy, my time (quote from the chat) "sweet little asshole". I was quite tingling between my legs and while reading I just got wet. Could not fight me against it. My freshly shaved pussy began to itch and while I rubbed the wet pussy with my fingers, I looked at the Internet the timetable of the tram from Duesseldorf to Duisburg. Now or never, I was so horny that I immediately made a meeting. What happened then was just unrestrained horny sex. Andy literally pulled me over the bed and fucked me without mercy ... that's exactly what my pussy needed!

OMG! I know Dieter for a long time here at MDH. We finally met. Wanted to celebrate, although I knew he was married. At the party Dieter made repeated pressure that he would have to go home. His wife would wait and he told her that he has night shift. Now we have been celebrating here for 10 hours. Well, I know, I'm hard to control. We hardly had time left, as Dieter was expected by his wife. She does not know that he writes at MDH at night. Dieter was afraid of risking his marriage. That's why Dieter proposed after the party a shortcut on the railway tracks. My thoughts took their course, my lust rose - I wanted to be fucked by Dieter on these railroad tracks. I have never been fucked in front of a freight train. If not now then when?!?! The age difference did not matter to me! Dieter 50 years and I 35 years. No matter! It was just awesome, until Dieter's wife called - crap - his juice I was not allowed to taste this time ... I was already angry, but that's not how Dieter comes to me!

I have been ill for days. One handkerchief after another. My voice is scratching. Nevertheless, I go to the office and do my job. At home in the evening I am totally alone. No user who comforts me. No friend who makes me a tea. Sniff. Sad. That's when I started to dream. In my dream, I was sure that sperm would be the best medicine for me. In the last 3 weeks I was fucked extremely little and hard. That's why I'm definitely sick!?! If only a tail would be near me .... Dream ... that would be so awesome! I could get my sperm medicine and would be healthy again very quickly. I have to get well soon. Meet in December but still 2 users ...... (Dieter & Andreas)

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