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Nylons are just awesome. When I put them on, I feel really sexy. That's why I put them on every day when I have to go to the office. I like stay ups and / or with suspenders. Black, white or red, all colors are beautiful. The idea with my feet to wank a cock in nylons is just awesome. Nice slowly up and down, yes enjoy it and then even stroking his balls with nylons. This is exactly to my taste. Feeling my feet explode, soaking my nylons with his warm juice makes me wet. May I put the wanked nylons back in the office the other day? Mhhh, I'll do it, because no one knows my dirty, dirty hobby. Only here can I be the way I am! Do you like nylons too?

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Such a mess. On my recent business trip with my boss, my private hard drive was stolen from me in the security department. Do you know that, if you have to put everything on the tape, then go through the scanner and back to your things? Yes, what was missing was my hard drive with private unpublished fuck videos I did not want to show here. When the videos were made, I did not even know that I was going to be filmed. Whether tied up in bed, verbally abused as a slut on a hotel bed and pushed hard or morning fuck in a drunken voice .... No, that was supposed to be private. Especially my first facial cum in my life I did not want to show here. It was totally new to me and I was inexperienced. I NEVER wanted to show these recordings here. Hopefully they will be censored! And now this crap happened! Before the thief publishes it, I go on the offensive and show you yourself. Notes to the thief or any publications on the Internet I accept gladly. For the seizure of the offender is exposed to a user rotation as a reward from me!

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I longed for my short trip to Majorca after affectionate sex.
2 users have recognised me by the Bierkönig on Majorca and have responded. They were absolutely dear and nice. Quick turned out that we have already chatted, but did not know that we both will be at the same time on Majorca. I love in winter to include in the plan a short trip on my favorite island. These both sweet "dirty bastards" - have bottled me with sangria and have told me dirty imagination. Moreover in another video later more. Hardly I was at home - I needed the flat blank - tenderness. I wanted to be fucked just affectionately. How a Girlfriend. Not hard, but affectionately softly. Feel just a man. It was this what I needed and wanted! A phone phone call and I got my longing satisfied