Pooh it's been ages since I was really fucked. I have to admit I am missing quite a bit. But let's not fall into self-pity, after all I have a lot in my toy box ;-) And today I'm really up for something big, so I just take my 25 cm dildo and ride it off nicely. Oh yes, that's exactly what I needed. But convince yourself of how awesome it makes me and especially how deep it goes into my tight hole. Whether I would ride your cock the same way ;-) Kiss your Mia

It is really long ago but today I'm really back on it and you know so if I'm really cool on what I then I just want to have you with it. I almost forgot how cool the feeling is actually when my little sweet ass is used. The harder I give myself the jerks the hornier I will be too. But all the more curious I'm just on a real cock in my little ass. What do you think, should I dare and just try it? Would be glad about your answer ;-). Your Mia pussy

I have been writing for some time with a user who is interested in filming me on a solo clip. Unfortunately, it took some time with the meeting but now it finally worked out. I just wanted to start because he unpacks his giant thing and comes towards me. He immediately disappears in my mouth. He has made me so horny but his cock in my little pussy .... Wow. Again and again I get solid and deep shocks that drive me crazy, even so insane that he has to shut my mouth. Upps I was a bit loud. Would you have shut my mouth too? I would like to know how it would be with you. Your Mia And above all: If you liked the clip, then I would be very happy if you would rate it as positive. For a big smooch!

I've really dared to get involved in submissive games. It invited me a fan to try it out with him, because he would be very experienced with this fetish and has often had such dates. I believe and trust him. I am open to everything and can thus live out my submissive vein a little bit with him. Do not you want to know how we did it? To experience 50 Shades with me? Do you already have a certain amount of experience in this regard and is that exactly your world? Whether it is for me, I'll find out right away and hope he does not handle me too roughly. But you never know, maybe that's exactly what my fetish!

In the evening I get a call, he briefly tells me that his wife has just separated from him and whether he can perhaps stay with me for a few days. I'm really sorry, especially because she fucks now with his best friend! Such a slut I think and say to him. Shortly thereafter, he stands with a suitcase in my hall, when the first call comes. His wife wants to know where he is. Ha, she's so nervous! I give him a little space and go with a book on the couch, where I actually want to do a little solo clip. They argue in the meantime ... Shortly afterwards, what do I see there, pushes a quite large and hard penis in my field of vision. Actually, I wanted to read and turn a clip, but now I have a much better idea ... Quite innocently I paint with his foot over his hard cock and I'm glad that the camera is already running ... That's what I send his wife;)

I've been thinking for a long time what it would be like to try anal and almost everyone hears that it does not hurt, or less, if you stretch it first. So I really wanted to try out an anal plug that I've heard so much about and that seems to be the best one. At first it's really unfamiliar, this is my first time, but I think the longer I wear it, the more I get used to it. In order to make the feeling more pleasant and to be able to relax better, I also tried my new massage stick. I must say, the combination is really great! When I feel coming, as everything is contracting around the plug, I have the feeling that my orgasm is intensified, but hear that and see you certainly. For more tips on anal, I'm always open!

The weather is so good that I decide to do something risky. Right now, all the other inhabitants of my apartment building are at work and so I decide to go to the garden and make a little video for you. Slowly I drop the covers and cover my body with sunscreen. Naked, with legs apart, I move in front of the camera, play with me and enjoy the idea of your looks. When I'm done, I notice the very real looks, the eyes of my neighbor who looks out the window and asks what I'm actually doing ... Fuck, now quickly find an excuse, he does not have to know everything.

Making my first clip with a guy was so much fun and although we did not know each other and I was so excited, everything was so nice and I thought to myself why not go all out at last. When he comes into the room, I know exactly what to do. We still do not know each other much, but that does not matter to me now, I have not had sex for so long and with the camera it's thrice exciting. I try to relax, realize how excited I am, how much I looked forward to it and hoped that it would happen and suddenly everything goes by itself. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, we forgot the condom, but it got so much more intense and made me come in no time. Wow, I never thought I could do that in front of a camera, but it was just amazing!

When it rings at the door today I was completely unprepared for what to expect. A huge package has brought the DHL man over there. At first I believe in a mistake, I have ordered nothing and certainly nothing in size. But when I carefully open the package, I see a letter lying on the pile of paper. I am still stunned and would like to say thank you again! A super nice user from here has actually sent me his Sybian to try! Wow, I'm really speechless and am so happy to try out this incredible machine that I've heard so much about. Above all, I'm just soooo boring, because it fits really well;) Then the good piece goes back to its owner, of course;). part

Actually, I was today with someone from "here" date, but he just did not show up and has not canceled I think it's a pity, but I wanted to show you what I'm on it and that I do not act alone in front of the camera can. I've also put on no panties, so to speak to surprise him with bare facts, but well, maybe it works in the next. Is it in the end maybe even you? In any case, I would be very happy to finally be able to shoot a video with a real tail :) I was so looking forward to the meeting and now I do not want to go home, especially because I'm really in the mood: D Luckily I took a toy with me as well. So, enough talk, I wish you a lot of fun while looking and if you should be the next, but be so nice and come;)